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NCI - Nordic Centre in India

The Nordic Centre in India, NCI, is a consortium of leading universities and research institutions in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It was established in 2001 with the objective to facilitate cooperation in research and higher education between the Nordic countries and India. Through academic exchange NCI seeks to strengthen Indo-Nordic ties and understanding.

The main office is located at Uppsala University in Sweden. We have a local office in Delhi, through which we can offer assistance to researchers, students and visiting Nordic delegations and groups, for example, in arranging meetings, organising lectures, seminars and conferences, following-up on research applications and establishing contacts with Indian universities and government offices. NCI runs a small guesthouse where scholars and representatives of member institutions can be hosted for both shorter and longer periods of stay. The guesthouse has become a popular meeting place for Nordic researchers.

NCI is collaborating with Indian counterparts in organising a wide range of courses for Nordic students. In co-operation with the University of Hyderabad we offer a four-week summer course on "Contemporary India" as well as the opportunity for students to spend a full a semester in Hyderabad. We have similar arrangements with a number of other Indian universities and research institutions. NCI is also exploring ways of offering Indian students the possibility to study in the Nordic countries, as well as participating in courses arranged by us in India. We further hope to establish a research network through which Indian and Nordic scholars can collaborate on projects of mutual interest.