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Visits and Outreach

Rønde students listening to Niels Brimnes' lecture

2012: Rønde Handelsgymnasium

On the 23rd of August CISCA welcomed a group of students from ‘Handelsgymnasium Rønde’ who are going to prepare for their trip to India. The prepatatory seminar consisted of a lecture on modern India, given by Dr. Niels Brimnes. Furthermore Dr. Mirja Juntunen gave an introduction to Indian languages, mainly Hindi. They also met with two current 5th semester students form the South Asian Studies Programme who shared their travel experiences from India. We hoped to inspire and in the best possible way prepare these young students to gain most out of their stay in India.

Priyanka Dalal and Gitte Grønning Munk teaching Hindi to Skive students

2011: Skive Gymnasium

On 14th December, CISCA and Aarhus University welcomed a 2nd year class from Skive Gymnasium. As the students are going on a 2-week study trip to Delhi and Chennai in January, they were presented with a History lecture by CISCA board member, Prof. Niels Brimnes, and another board member, Gitte Grønning Munk, provided them with basic knowledge of Hindi. Lastly, our Research Trainee Priyanka Dalal along with two older South Asian Studies students gave tips on India and university studies.